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You have certainly gone to a rock, pop, or classical concert at least once in your life, or maybe to the theater and you have been amazed by lighting effects, stage sets which appear and disappear, a 180 degree rotating screen, a singer coming down from the ceiling...
You have probably seen films or spots in which actors fly or remain weightless, or there is a coach hanging from a set, or TV shows where contestants or presenters are hanging, that is, staying in the air.
And you may have wondered how it is made. Well, you have to look overhead. There you can unlock the secret of rigging.
We start from an idea or a project and a space to make it real. That’s how it works.
Where you can only see beams or structures, the rigging points will be accurately put, being able to support the more complex productions.
As if it was a Meccano, the truss pieces join into circles and grids, supporting and elevating stages.
Guide systems can open and close curtains, and move things or people in six possible directions using a computerized motor control system.
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